Sunday, September 1, 2013

The first month.

SO, here's what we've been up to this past month of travelling. This first post is a short compilation of the places we've been & cities we've seen so far in chronological order!
From here on out we will try to post consistently for whoever wants to follow :)

(now cue the montage music hehe)

Los Angeles, CA
Sista power

San Luis Obispo, CA
Were in SLO for one night and Devon ends up in the local newspaper. Seriously? lol

Santa Barbara, CA
kick ass flamenco style dancers

Sacramento, CA (first time through)

South Lake Tahoe, CA/ NV

Sacramento, CA (second time through)

Starbucks Parking Lot, Somewhere, CA
Janky ass shit :)

Redbluff, CA

giant cat

Umpqua National Forrest, OR

Portland, OR

(trying to find a white button down for the catering gig ain't easy, this ones giant)

They had a photo booth at the wedding we catered, of course we had to get pictures of us in our cute uniforms

Seattle, WA

(after the lesbian spa we went up to the lesbian bar)

Random stop, WA

(Dev got that Private No Boys door hanger out of a kids quarter sticker machine lollol)

That's how we were feelin about Canada at this moment, we warmed up to it a little tho

Bellingham, WA (We love Bellingham! :)

banana to bottle ratio

lol Bob's Burger sign, YES

Yakima, WA
Stumbled upon a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the middle of town

Hat Rock, OR

Leaving Hat Rock (Umatilla), OR

Pendleton, OR
Slurping bright green margaritas that were delicious! :)

This Mexican restaurant had surprisingly good food, the owner was a sweetheart & willingly accommodated to veganism, yay

That's our first post. Hoped you liked it. xoxo

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