Sunday, September 22, 2013

Julie's Garden - WEEK NO. 2!!

We're a tad behind in posting, but this is the second week we spent in Council, ID at Julie's place. It was wonderful because we got to hang out with a bunch of her amazing friends, and have dinners, and drinks, and great conversations. We also worked too, we swear. (Look at our pretty gate!!)


 Tightening the fence around the garden. It hurt a lot.

 Fighting with the squash that decided they owned the fence. They are now dead. Heather the squash slayer killed them and ate them. With no mercy.

 Heather decided in the middle of the night (aka 10pm) that she needed food, and we were limited in our supplies. So we made homemade tortilla chips and guac from old stale corn tortillas we found in the fridge. Success! (and a stomach ache)

Tis hail. It hurt the baby greens :(

Our glorious gate in progress! 

 COFFEE TIME! with Julie's (now our) friends :)

 Pretty pictures provided by HB

 One of the many wasp nests. This one was directly outside the front door. They were pretty chill though. Nothing like the Bald Faced Hornets.

 Mordecai looking majestic next to the mountain

 The vegetable washing station. Many a morning hour spent here.

 I feel like a a choir of angels should be singing. Oh, and we saw bears on that mountain. We're rugged like that.

 Heather working hard. Devon fucking around on her camera.

 The finished gate!!! We were showered with compliments over this gate. Teehee :)
 And it opens and everything!

 Our big dinner party
 Barbie and Laurie!

 Nom noms

 Homemade beer action shot

 Terrified kitty. Apparently she had a near death experience with a dog that has scarred her for life.


 Not for children.

 Annie the bee muncher

 Mutated carrot rejects from the garden.

 Devon collected these from the real wild. Well, next to an abandoned house.

 The dreaded Bald Faced Hornet's nest!!

Abandoned. Or are they...? Dun dun dunnnnnn

That was our 3rd post, hope you liked it! xoxo

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